dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program = FREE Oils!

What’s better than getting the best essential oils at the best price? Getting them for FREE! 

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP for short) gives you points whenever you place an order. You can then collect these points and use them for FREE oils and products.

It’s already great that when you are a doTERRA member you get your oils at wholesale, i.e. 25% off the retail price. BUT did you know you can get them for even LESS?!

    doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)


      The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) does just that. You can get up to 30% back of your order in points, which are then used like “doTERRA money”. So add you 25% discount with 30% rebate and you are now effectively getting 55% off!!

        Here’s some great tips from our community on how to spend your LRP points:

        • Get those really expensive oils on your wish list
        • Buy all your boring products you hate spending money on like Laundry detergent
        • Try products for free you normally wouldn’t buy
        • Treat yourself on luscious skincare without feeling guilty
        • Use your points to get great gifts for your friends and family
        • Stock up on items you use frequently

          If you love getting a deal like, you are going to love this!

            How Does the Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

              When you start with the LRP program, you set it up as a monthly order to be shipped on the same day each month. Even though it’s a regular monthly order, you can completely customise what you order each time. You can also change the date your products are shipped out.

              Each month you can:

              • Customise Your Order – You can choose to order what you want, when you want. Order 1 item or 20! It’s up to you!
              • Get Free Shipping – Get all your shipping costs back as product points. #winning!
              • Earn Product Points – You earn product points from every LRP order you make. The longer you have been ordering the more you get – up to 30%.
              • Receive FREE GIFTS – Every month dōTERRA gives you a free product of the month if your LRP order is at least 125PV and shipped before the 15th.
              • Build Your Oil Collection – If there are oils on your wish list, add a new one each month to slowly build your collection without breaking the budget. All the while, you’ll be earning points. (at least shipping points, if not more!)
              • Never Run Out Of The Essentials – Ensure you get the items you need monthly, on time each month. It’s common for our customers to always have essential items that serve as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle always in their LRP order. For example, Life Long Vitality LLV vitamins, Easy Air, Fractionated Coconut Oil, On Guard cleaner concentrate, On Guard toothpaste in their order every single month.
              • Use LRP as your “oil of the month” club – If there are oils on your wish list, add a new one each month to slowly build your collection without breaking the budget. All the while, you’ll be earning points.

                Remember you can adjust your order every month! And you can easily cancel if needed at anytime by calling doTERRA.


                Loyalty Rewards Program REWARDS Loyalty

                  You are probably thinking ‘DOH!’ that’s obvious but it is worth highlighting.  “Loyalty” is the key word in the LRP program. When you’re a consistent customer you are rewarded for your regular patronage.

                  This is how the rewards percentage is based. The longer you’re an LRP customer, the more percentage of your order you get back in points.

                  doTERRA LRP Table

                  As you can see, doTERRA’s LRP program is extremely generous. Be a loyal customer for 12 months and for every $100 you spend you are going to get $30 back!!!

                  Redirect Your Spend and Save

                    A great way to help you to save money while helping your family and household to be healthy is to redirect your spend from the grocery store to doTERRA. The doTERRA options are way healthier AND they come with free products … every single month!

                    doTERRA Wellness Box ideas

                    Does your grocery store give you money back when you buy shampoo, toothpaste, vitamins and cleaning products, let alone essential oils? If not, maybe it’s time to switch where you spend your monthly household budget.

                    Even if you’re ordering one or two items a month, we recommend that you start the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards  Program and get rewarded for your customer loyalty! Keep in mind, it’s free to join, totally customisable and you can cancel at anytime.

                    Ready to Get Started?

                      It’s time to start earning your own free oils! If you already have an account, ask the person who introduced you to doTERRA for help in setting up your LRP account or simply follow these steps:

                      1. Login to your doTERRA account.
                      2. Select “Shop Products” from the upper navigation menu.
                      3. Click on the purple box “Create New Loyalty Order”.
                      4. Choose a day of the month** your order will process monthly. (this can be changed, as needed).
                      5. Start shopping and add products to your cart.
                      6. Complete the ordering process, by entering your shipping and payment info and choosing a shipping method.
                      7. Congratulations! You’re on your way to getting FREE oils!

                        Don't Have a Wholesale Account?

                        Ready to get started using dōTERRA essential oils? Great stuff! The cheapest and smartest way to get started is as a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER.

                        To do this CLICK HERE.

                        Learn more about joining dōTERRA here.


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