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I'm the proud founder of Ora Leaders and your go to girl when it comes to all things doTERRA business. As a high flying corporate turned business coach, I know what it's like to not fit the doTERRA mould and feel disheartened, stuck and wanting to quit. 

Once I discovered how to do doTERRA my own way, I felt inspired, fulfilled and started to make real money! I built a six figure business and solidified the coveted rank of Diamond in just 9 months. All without any uncomfortable classes or ever feeling sleazy or not like me! I did it totally my way. 

My goal is to help you to create a business that celebrates you and that pays you really, really, really well! 

Hi! I'm Rebecca

Your Team Leader

"I' am here to make sure you succeed
with one of a kind insight & strategy".

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— AysheaC.

Stop what you're doing and start working with the Ora Leaders team! Their strategies & tools changed my entire business!"

— Gail W.

Her advice is priceless. She helps you to focus on what's important and will actually make your team successful!"

— Rebekah F.

I was worried I was going to have to be all about doTERRA. So wrong! The team helped me step up and launch a business that I absolutely love!"

In fact, most wellness advocates spend their days exhausted by solving customer problems and neglecting their own business.

Did you know that when you buy your doTERRA starter kit from matters?

Most people are shocked to discover that the person who you brought your oils from is also your mentor and business coach. Sounds crazy right!, but unfortunately if you enrolled with cousin Judy, or even worst your ex bestie ... she's now your doTERRA mentor and go to person.

Well done you if you are with an amazing business focused upline ....bummer if you're not!

Don't panic the good news is we got you!  

It's true. And, even more never make a sustainable & profitable business. 

Did you know that most doterra wellness advocates don't make it past 1 year in business?

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"I put my 25 years of business experience & my Diamond learnings into an easy-to-follow plug and play solution so that you can do the same".

Together We've Got This!

IMPLEMENT OUR NO NONSENSE PROCESSES so you don't waste time searching google for answers ... this might sound crazy but we've lost count how many times we've heard that google is a Wellness Advocates go to!

ATTRACT THE RIGHT CLIENTS ... you know the ones you actually like working with versus the people you think you should serve but would never invite over for a coffee.

LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT maximising your compensation from day 1! The biggest complaint we here from Wellness Advocates outside our team is they didn't structure their biz properly and loose out on major bank every month!! 

GET THE CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to share your special gifts with the world without feeling like a fraud.

TAP INTO THE POWER OF COLLABORATION to enable you to create more time, freedom, flexibility and money. 

Learn how to launch your business using our proven systems, tools and resources so you can focus on building a business that feels amazing and as a result pays you well.

ora leaders: Your go to doterra business team 


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