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We help women like you thrive while creating a legacy. We look forward to working with you!

A business team for ambitious women to collaboratively build sustainable & profitable doTERRA businesses

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The Ora Leaders team is for entrepreneurs who want to join a team of business owners and create a sustainable and profitable business today and a heart led legacy - all while feeing empowered to be the leader were born to be!

It's time to build the business and lifestyle you crave and the results you've always wanted.

Our educational programs, resources and systems are designed to give you all the shortcuts and secrets on how to build a profitable and sustainable doTERRA business that celebrates you.


What if I said you already have everything you need be a doTERRa diamond

"The fastest way to reach your goals is to work with someone who's been where you want to go"

Strategic work days that flow

money Mindset On Point

confident & working in your zone of genius

Overwhelmed & drained 

not earning at your potential

Unfufilled, stuck & miserable


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Enrolment is open for our mentor program!

I went from working long hours as a corporate marketing strategist to growing my career as a business consultant and coach, finding a passion for all things personal development and exploring human potential ... that lead me to publishing my first book, speaking on stages all around this beautiful planet and delivered me right here.  

Are you ready to grow your impact, stop struggling, and truly LOVE your life? 

I was too...

Now I want to help you to do the same!

— Debbie f.

"Working with Rebecca was not only business-changing, but LIFE changing!"

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We are passionate about all things doTERRA business and provide a ton of free resources and education to the wider community through our BLOG.

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Online coNTENT

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Want to learn how to confidently use essential oils first?
Then a great way to get started is as a wholesale customer on our team.
You will experience first hand our world class customer service and get access to our exclusive essential oil education programs.  


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Let us help you to build a doTERRA business and lifestyle you crave and the results you've always wanted.

If you're ready to show the world what you've got to offer but you need guidance, tools, support to get you going you are in EXACTLY the right place.


Ways to Work Together

• We have developed an easy-to-use system that allows you to get started instantly. No need to try and work things out for yourself - We got you!

• 250+ marketing assets at your fingertips including social media templates, ebooks, images, email templates - all for free!.

• Ready to go business templates and workflows so you can work more efficiently and effectively and stop wasting time and start making money! 

Business Toolbox:

• Weekly group coaching calls over Zoom so you can get coached on products and business fundamentals.

• Quarterly goal setting calls so you can be held accountable with the rest of the group. 

• 1:1 weekly coaching calls with a mentor so you can get individualised support. 

Monthly mindset coaching sessions with Rebecca. 


our business mastermind

All of this comes for free! when you join our team.

We give you the professional guidance and expert tools you need to make your doTERRA business a raving success!

 Our signature course ACCELERATOR runs bi-monthly. This course teaches you and your team everything you need to know to get started running ya doTERRA business. 

• Full access to 10+ online business training programs & 20+ essential oil classes! You will never feel lost agin.

• Only got 15 minutes a day? Our 30 DAYS OF BUSINESS TRAINING is designed for the busy person who wants to take things a bit slower. Learn the foundational pieces to the doTERRA business around your other priorities.  

Online Courses:

"This group is the BOMB. Talk about ambitious women & now my friends for life!"

"Finally having business clarity, changed everything! I'm a busy, single mum to 3 kids under 6. With no spare time, Rebecca helped me to create a business around my other priorities by focusing on what matters. Somehow she made things that felt totally overwhelming, confusing and frustrating become possible, simple and exciting! - Ayshea Cummins, Brilliant Mums


"I'm so thankful I invested in working with Rebecca! I went from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to creating a solid income! I get more done, feel fulfilled, and am getting closer to achieving my dreams."' Rebekah Fisher - Healer & Doula

"I now believe in myself like never before. I am showing up for me, my daughter and a better life"

"Social Anxiety is a huge problem for me. So you can imagine it has been really hard for me to start my business. With the help of the Ora Leaders team I have been able to build a little business online and at local markets. My anxiety isn't gone but with the use of my oils and letting my actions speak louder than the voice in my head I have actually been able to accomplish so much." - Emily Slee, Holistic Health with Emily

"for the first time ever I am encouraged to be me.!" 

"Rebecca Jackson has created what is arguably the best, most authentic way to teach people to embrace their light while building their business. I like that I can choose to be part of an online program and meet other high achievers from all over the world and get up close and personal, one-to-one, with Rebecca and the other leaders when needed." - Louise Virgina Hansen, Holistic Coach& Yoga Teacher

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Designing a wildly profitable business that's fun and purpose lead. Executing that epic idea that excites you and makes you smile from ear to ear!

Work meetings with people you actually enjoy hanging out with! Cocktail hour with my business besties is the best .. CHEERS 

Embracing unapologetic success. Want a new car, YOU DESERVE IT! Want to send send your kids to a fancy private school - best thing I ever did!

Never feeling like you NEED a holiday from your life, because it's so good! But having the flexibility to taken one whenever you want.

Just imagine...

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