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Are you ready to elevate your wealth, health and happiness? 

Our Ora Leaders team is growing fast and I am looking for business partners to help keep up with the demand.

I am committed to helping you to be wildly successful in dōTERRA and life!

If you are looking for personal support, world class training materials and resources, then I have the team for you.

Learn my simple formula for attracting new clients and  creating a profitable and sustainable doTERRA business that is all you!

I want in!

You have the skills, you just need the support to make it work.

Provides you with all the systems, process and know how you need to make a doTERRA business work.

imagine if you had A support system that...

Enables you to focus on what you are good at! No more wasting time trying to figure things out.

Celebrates your experience, skills and passion and encouraged you to create the results you've always wanted.

Serves YOU! Receive one on one private mentoring sessions with Rebecca Jackson.

Guides you through the process to ensure you grasp the concepts so you can confidently launch your business.

- Ayshea C.

- Rebekah F.

"I'm a busy, single mum to 3 kids under 6. With no spare time, Rebecca helped me to create a business around my other priorities by focusing on what matters. Somehow she made things that felt totally overwhelming, confusing and frustrating become possible, simple and exciting! 

"Finally having CLArity for my business changed everything!"

"I'm so thankful I invested in working with Rebecca! I went from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to creating a solid income! I am doing the kind of work that I have always dreamed of and i'm get more done, feel fulfilled, and every day getting closer to achieving my dreams."'

"I went from having no idea to creating a business i love!"

- Gail W.

Rebecca is a "intuitive strategist" with immense business experience. She really knows how to get the best out of people and helped me to see how I can be a an authentic leader who uses my strengths to get the outcomes I need to build a profitable business.

"I was doubtful this would work for me, but wow i was wrong. you need this!"

A high flying corporate turned business and life coach, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with so many great ideas and stuck in fear that i'm not good enough. Once I started having more fun in my business by doing doTERRA my own way (no home classes for me thanks ... and absolutely no shame about this!) I felt inspired, fulfilled and stopped playing small and significantly grew my business. 

I built a 6 figure, doTERRA Diamond business in just 9 months with simple, actionable systems and doing it my way. 

My goal is to help you to do the same.

Rebecca jackson is a business & life coach to high achieving female entrepreneurs 

Meet your mentor!

This isn't some fluffy, feel-good opportunity. I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement so we can launch your business ASAP!

You'll leave with action steps.

You know all of those juicy ideas you have? Together we will focus in on those that will actually make you money and feel joyfully on purpose!

One of a kind insight & strategy

I will be investing my personal time, energy and resources into this relationship. I will be your personal mentor and biggest cheerleader! 

You will get me & an awesome community!

my promise to you, my friend

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