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dōTERRA DDR Prime Benefits and Testimonials

October 20, 2017

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dōTERRA DDR Prime Benefits and Testimonials

doTERRA DDR Prime is an extraordinary plant medicine that literally many families will not live without! It is difficult to remain compliant and share the full benefits of this powerful product so we have chosen to share with you testimonials collected from real people who know the benefits of using doTERRA DDR Prime daily.


What is doTERRA DDR Prime?

doTERRA’s DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex is great for cellular repair, cellular regeneration and relieving inflammation. What it means is this powerful combination of essential oils heals the body at a cellular level.


When our cells are stressed otherwise known as under “oxidative stress”,  it causes an array of problems in our bodies.  DDR Prime is designed to help support our cells to be at it’s optimum health.


doTERRA DDR Prime Cellular Complex is a proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that includes Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove, and Niaouli essential oils, shown in studies to promote a healthy response to free-radicals while supporting healthy cellular function.

dōTERRA DDR Prime Testimonials




“This was the first oil I could afford. Now I can’t afford to be off of it. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over three years ago. The meds I was taking caused horrible side effects. One even caused thoughts of suicide. Now, I’m happy to say that after using DDR Prime, I’m down to taking just one of my meds for Parkinson’s. 7 months have dramatically improved my life and overall health.”

– Kari, Utah

“This blend is amazing for my autistic daughter. I rub this along her spine every morning and night and now, her language has exploded and she is reading in class! Her teachers said the change has been remarkable. So much so I am now sharing this oil with the other career mums.”

Fiona, Australia



“I put this on my son’s spine every day before school. We have seen big, positive changes in him and how he’s adapting to the new school year. My son has special needs. “

Kiana, Nevada

We use DDR prime with my 4 1/2 y/o autistic nephew. We have seen AMAZING results with him! We started noticing little improvements within days & within 3 weeks the difference was phenomenal! His school has even asked my sister about what she’s using. It’s like the oils unlocked everything that was in his brain! And he tolerates social/public situations soooo much better too!  She dilutes it with fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle and puts them on his spine. At first he HATED it (sensory issue) but now he lets her put them on!

Kelly J, USA

“This oil is helping words come out of my son’s mouth  he’s 6y8m & a few of weeks ago he said “mama” for the first time…and hasn’t stopped.   Thank you, doTERRA”

– Annette


“I roll this on both my daughter’s spines morning and evening, I have seen a huge difference in their focus and emotional levels. This has been a Godsend!!!”

 – Lori Ray, USA

“I take the soft gels daily, thinking about trying the straight oil though. I think it has helped support my fibromyalgia symptoms somehow.”

– Shirly, USA

DDR prime really helps my pain. I have fibromyalgia and some arthritis. I use it topically and by mouth. Some days just a bit to the bottom of my feet in the morning is all I need. Other days I take 3-4 drops by mouth in a gel cap and apply a little directly to painful areas. I love it!”

– Cindy, Oregon



“One of my team members put DDR Prime oil on the back of her elderly father in law’s neck. He was very “confused”, not speaking to anyone and didn’t want to leave his room. After six weeks, he was talking, joking around and asking to go on car rides!”

Mary Jane, California 

“I LOVE using it topically on my feet before bed! Let me just say I’ve seen lots of improvement on circulation for an autoimmune disorder that gives me issues with my feet and neuropathy. I also feel well rested & love the support it gives me!”

– Jaime, Maryland

“I have no words to describe how amazing this oil is. EVERYONE should be rolling this on the bottoms of their feet daily and taking the soft gels. Can’t even begin to explain what it did for me.”

– Lisa, Illinois

“I have been using it on my now 3 year old daughter that has severe hypotonia due to a rare gene mutations called STXBP1. She has gone from rolling was her only movement to being able to sit up in her own crawl stand and now walking with assistance. Her mental focus is totally amazing she looks different as she is now engaged and has ways to communicate. The price of the bottle is nothing for the results I have seen and I bought my first bottle one year ago next month and I’m still using it. I put it in coconut oil with a few other oils and rub it on her twice a day. It’s been a miracle!”

– Elisa, Ontario



“I’m using this for my 3 yr old son on his spine and feet. He was having a speech delay. But after 3 months using it, he started saying and copying words. Earlier till 3 yr, he was not saying even mummy or papa, but now he can say more than 20 words, it was really tremendous change. Still, he is learning, not only his speech. He was also hyperactive so there was lack of concentration but now that problem also reduced, now he can concentrate and have more eye contact. His memory, gasping power also increased. Now after using for 6 months continuously, now my son can speak A to Z alphabet in proper order, speak 1 to 10 numbers, all shapes he recognizes, 20-25 words he speaks. I’m very very very happy and thanks a lot to DDR Prime. Please do try it if any kid is facing speech delay, lack of concentration problem. It definitely will give positive result.”

– Deepika

I am a learning specialist and this is my go-to oil for the support of learning and focus! I use it myself daily as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this oil!”

– Laurie, Colorado



“Amazing oil blend!! Has done miracles for my son with autism. Improved his speech, and cognitive understanding, better with transitions and communicating so much better in groups and with others.”

– Laura

“I think because of this oil, my hubby’s legs don’t shake at night anymore.”

– Beth Ann

“One capsule twice a day. I feel the change in that I can focus better and less brain fog :)”


“One of the best oils you can invest in. Amazing!”

– Sarah


“My mother has been doctoring for over 7yrs with Parkinson’s. I recently became a wellness advocate, did many months worth of research and decided to have her try this. Her shakes have significantly decreased in the 3 months of using it. We had her stop using it for 3 months and her tremors and shakes became more noticeable. She started taking it again last month, they are slowing down again. But as with any medication or supplement, do your own research and get a doctors opinion.”

– Robin

“The dōTERRA hidden gem, I love this stuff!”

– Sony 

“DDR Prime helps with my daughter’s neuropathy.”

– Karen

dōTERRA DDR Prime Reviews and Testimonials

“This Blend is Magic ♥️♥️♥️”

– Kym, Australia

“Possible side affects include FEELING BETTER, MORE ENERGY…”

– Amanda Kay


Buy doTERRA DDR Prime

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If you would like to learn more about this amazing product or any other doTERRA product please contact us.


*These products have not been approved by the FDA or TGA and are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Please seek advice of a trained health care professional where appropriate, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding. The limited information found on this website is for informational purposes only. You should never rely solely on the information found here and if you have any health condition or illness always seek out the advice of a trained professional.

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  1. Ruth Graham says:

    I’m a registered nurse, medically retired 23 yrs. ago because severe fibromyalgia. I start doterra DDR PRIME 4 weeks ago, 90% decease in wide spread body pain.
    I use 4 drops in veggie cap twice a day.
    You can’t tell me this DDR PRIME OIl is not anointed
    and blessed by God.
    Ruth Ca.

    • Michelle D says:

      Hi Ruth, i have just started to look into doterra oils for fibromyalgia. Please can you let me know how you are getting on 90 % less pain is amazing. Is it helping with your sleep also. Kind regards michelle

  2. Whitney says:

    Our 6 year old daughter has a rare autoimmune disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. When we use DDR Prime on her body, her aches and the swelling in her joints significantly decrease, and she has the energy to play or climb the stairs. DDR Prime is fantastic at supporting her prescription medications with no drug interference or side effects and gives her an inhanced quality of life that medication alone could not deliver. We are so very grateful for the provisions of this oil blend and thank God that He continues to provided us with these gifts.
    Whitney, Ontario Canada

  3. Berta Murillo says:

    This oil sounds amazing, I have lupus, Sjögren, raynaulds, EBV, rosacea, fibromyalgia, Ménière, vertigo, now I am VERY interested in starting with this oil how many drops do you recommend I put in a capsule.
    Sincerely Bertie

  4. Jo-Ann says:

    My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons 5 years ago. He began using ddr prime one year ago, 2 drops in veggie cap a day. His neurologist has reduced his medication by one third and is amazed at his improvement. Nobody can tell he suffers from P, as he shakes no more! His gait is normal. Virtually symptom-free. We firmly believe ddr prime is the healing agent.

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