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15 Creative Ways You Can Use Peppermint Essential Oil

September 4, 2017

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The peppermint plant is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint and was first described by Carl Linneaus in 1753. The high menthol content of the dōTERRA Peppermint essential oil sets it apart from others when it comes to quality—making it one of the best-selling favorites among dōTERRA essential oils.

Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function when taken internally. We show you some creative ways you can make use of it!


1. Support Healthy Breathing. Dilute a drop of Peppermint oil combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil and place under your nose to support open airways and help you breathe easily. 


2. A Hot Feet Fix. Add Peppermint to a cold compress and cool down your overworked feet. 


Cool down with your DIY Peppermint Spray - Ora Leaders

3. Break Away From Summer Heat. Keep a spray bottle of water with a few drops of Peppermint essential oil nearby,  especially when you REALLY need to cool down.


4. Could You Start A Fire With Your Breath? Use a drop of  Peppermint with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse.  It freshens breath and builds confidence in your close encounters. 


5. Take A Deep Breath. Inhale deeply to invigorate lungs and increase alertness. 


Relieve tension and Headache with Peppermint Essential Oil - Ora Leaders

Relieve tension with Peppermint Essential Oil


6. Stressed? Apply to neck and forehead with Lavender to relieve tension and pressure. 


Peppermint for joint relief - Ora Leaders


7. A Joint Effort.  Peppermint is a great way to cool joints without taking an ice bath. It helps to soothe occasional soreness in muscles and joints. 


8. Tummy Calmer. Rub on the stomach or take internally for occasional digestive discomfort. 


9. Shake It Up. Add a drop of the oil to your chocolate Trim Shake for a  yummy twist. 


Feel fuller easily with Peppermint oil - Ora Leaders

10. Zero To Satiety In Seconds. Most people eat until they feel full. Diffusing the oil will help reign in the urge to snack on junk food.  It’s a good way to control appetite and to feel full faster. 


11. Out On The Open Road. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel  Inhale Peppermint from a handkerchief or straight from the bottle to perk up on long drives. 


12. Awaken Your Senses. Before your next work out, apply a bit of it to your chest or just take a deep breath straight from the open bottle. Then, after your workout add to shampoo to stimulate your senses and help with scalp health. 


dōTERRA Peppermint Touch - Ora Leaders

dōTERRA Peppermint Touch contains Peppermint essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil. It can be used anytime, anywhere for a quick energy boost and to experience its cleansing, cooling aroma.


13. Approaching Deadlines Mean Long And Late Hours. Rather than grab a Snickers to revitalize you as you ‘go the extra mile’, deeply inhale the essential oil to feel revitalized and ready to go. 


14. Unblock Writer’s Block. Peppermint can support blood circulation and leave you feeling rejuvenated to keep those creative juices flowing. Simply spritz the oil on child’s shirt before study time for improved concentration and alertness. 


mint chocolate cupcake - Ora Leaders


15. Savor The Combination. Peppermint makes a delicious addition to all things chocolate. Add a drop into your chocolate beverages and baked goods. Yum!



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