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dōTERRA Europe June 2020 Product Promotions and Specials

June 2, 2020

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The snow has melted and the sun is shining! To celebrate the summer holidays we have a great collection of gorgeous new products and specials for doTERRA Europe this June! Welcome to dōTERRA Europe June 2020 product promotions (including monthly specials and the product of the month).

    June 2020 doTERRA Europe POM: Palmarosa

      doTERRA Europe June 2020 Specials

      Receive a FREE Palmarosa Essential Oil 5mL by placing any single doTERRA Europe 125PV LRP order
      between 1-15 June 2020. This LIMITED OFFER OIL is floral, bright, and cleansing. Palmarosa diffuses beautifully, filling any room with a pleasant and welcoming aroma. Additionally, this essential oil will enhance any skincare routine. Not only will this leave you smelling bright and clean, but the oil itself can help balance moisture levels and leave your skin looking toned and healthy!

          doTERRA Europe Palmarosa June 2020

          doTERRA Europe is Giving You 10% off InTune

            doterra europe june 2020 free intune

            doTERRA InTune is a proprietary blend of essential oils carefully selected for their ability to enhance and sustain a sense of focus. No matter your age, staying focused on the task at hand is sometimes difficult. This is especially critical during the formative years when learning and growing create habits and a foundation for life. The carefully selected essential oils in doTERRA InTune Focus Blend work together, supporting efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Lime promote a sense of clarity, while the benefits of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile are calming and soothing. The pleasing aroma of InTune Focus Blend makes this essential oil blend an easy and delightful one to use

            doTERRAEurope 100 – 100 Summer enrolment

              doTERRA Europe June 2020 Enrolment promo

              100-100-100 PV – SUMMER ENROLMENT PROMOTION

              Our 100-100-100 PV Summer Enrolment Promotion makes it easy for you to join doTERRA and live a wellness lifestyle that works around your needs. Follow the simple steps below to enrol, get the products you want – and earn free points.

              How to Earn:

              1. Enrol with a 100 PV enrolment order in June.

              2. Sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) and place a 100 PV loyalty order in July.

              3. After completing steps 1 and 2, enjoy 100 free product points in August!

              For more details in various languages, please visit:

              Become a doTERRA Wholesale Member

              May 2020 doterra europe enrolment kit

              Enrol this month with a Home Essentials kit and you will get the wholesale membership for 12 months (which gives you 25% off any purchase for the rest of the year), 10 high-quality CPTG grade essential oils plus a petal diffuser, doTERRA Salubelle and exclusive welcome kit from Ora Leaders!
              Pay only ‎£199. SAVE £294.64!!!

              Click here to grab this amazing deal!

              If you would like further information click here.




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