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dōTERRA Australia September 2019 Product Promotions and Specials

September 2, 2019

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dōTERRA Australia September 2019 Product Promotions (Specials and product of the month)

Here are doTERRA Australia extremely generous promotions and special offers for this September! 

    Product of the Month: Tea Tree Touch

      doterra Australia doterra new zealand September 2019 promotion product of the month doterra Tea Tree

      Receive a FREE Tea Tree Essential Oil 15mL by placing any single 125PV LRP order between 1-15 September.

        Experience the soothing and cleansing properties of dōTERRA Tea Tree Touch. Packaged in a convenient and smooth roll-on applicator, Tea Tree Touch delivers the cleansing benefits of Tea Tree essential oil diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil. Tea Tree Touch can be used to cleanse and clarify the skin and nails and to support a healthy looking complexion. Tea Tree Touch is frequently used on the skin for its soothing properties and can be used after shaving or on the bottoms of feet for a cooling effect.

          How to use dōTERRA Tea Tree Touch?

            • Apply to skin imperfections to cleanse and revitalise the appearance of skin.
            • Apply after shaving to soothe and cool skin.
            • Rub on fingernails and toenails after showering to cleanse and keep nails looking healthy.
            • Roll on bottoms of feet and inside shoes for a fresh aroma and feeling.

            Primary Benefits:

            • Cleanses and clarifies the skin and nails
            • Promotes a healthy looking complexion
              doterra Australia doterra new zealand September 2019 promotion 10 percent discount on doTERRA Brightening Ge

              Save 10% off dōTERRA Brightening Gel

                Whether you are worried about dark spots on your skin, or would like to enjoy a brighter complexion overall, the new doTERRA Brightening Gel will be a helpful addition to your skincare routine. This formula uses natural ingredients and extracts, as well as essential oils with properties that promote clean, healthy-looking skin. By incorporating the Brightening Gel into your regular skincare routine, you can target dark spots and promote a brighter complexion with a product that leaves your skin looking and feeling clean. When your skin could use a little extra boost of brightness, let the natural ingredients of the Brightening Gel help give you a bright, glowing face.


                Our Favorite Uses

                • Many brightening products on the market today use harsh chemicals to try and give the skin a bright, glowing appearance. The doTERRA Brightening Gel uses gentle, natural extracts and essential oils to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten the complexion. When you use the Brightening Gel, you’ll no longer need to worry about putting questionable ingredients on your skin. Not only does the Brightening Gel formula include CPTG® essential oils, but it also uses natural extracts and ingredients like Vitamin C, which is known for its skin brightening benefits. Using microencapsulation technology, the Brightening Gel formula protects the Vitamin C from breaking down (by reducing exposure to oxygen), which allows the vitamin to be efficiently and effectively administered to the skin.
                • Whether you are tired of covering up dark spots on your face, or just want your skin to look a little brighter, the Brightening Gel can be used to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The beauty of the Brightening Gel is that it can be used to target certain problem areas, and provide overall brightness and clarity to the skin. Many products are only designed to target certain areas or improve the look of the skin overall, but the Brightening Gel can be used to target dark spots on specific areas of the skin, or as an all-over facial product.
                • Because the Brightening Gel contains safe, natural ingredients and essential oils, it provides a gentle and effective way to noticeably brighten the skin. While other skin-brightening methods are complicated or potentially dangerous, the Brightening Gel can easily be incorporated into your daily or weekly skincare routine to help promote a brighter complexion. Consider applying the Brightening Gel before going to bed at night after cleansing the skin with the Essential Skin Care Facial Cleanser, and toning the skin with the Pore Reducing Toner. You can also apply the Brightening Gel in the morning after you’ve washed your face for the day. Consider using the Brightening Gel morning and night along with the Tightening Serum and Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

                Key Ingredients

                Bergamot: Not only does Bergamot oil have a lovely, uplifting aroma, but it holds purifying benefits for the skin.

                Juniper Berry: With natural cleansing properties, Juniper Berry oil acts as a natural toner for the skin.

                Melissa: With a sweet, citrus-like fragrance, Melissa oil has properties that can help the skin look clean and healthy.

                Daisy Extract: This natural extract helps to brighten the complexion by promoting an even skin tone and helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

                Ginger Root Extract: The use of ginger root extract in the Brightening Gel formula helps to promote an even skin tone and radiant-looking skin.

                Vitamin C: Not only is Vitamin C known for its skin-brightening benefits, but it can also help to keep the skin looking youthful.

                doterra Australia doterra new zealand September 2019 200 pv promotion spring fever

                Spring Fever Promotion

                  Flowers are blooming, and the sun is starting to come out. Spring is nature’s way of saying lets party!

                  Our 200PV Spring Fever promotion is the perfect opportunity to get in a ‘blooming’ good mood and get your hands on limited edition Spring time essential oils.

                  By placing any single 200PV order from 1-30 September you will earn a FREE Limited Edition Lemon Myrtle 5 mL essential oil, Citrus Bloom 15 mL essential oil blend and Red Mandarin 5 mL essential oil.

                  How to use the doTERRA Lemon Myrtle?

                    When you open a bottle of Lemon Myrtle, the fresh citrus aroma should immediately remind you of another great essential oil: Lemongrass. Lemon Myrtle and Lemongrass contain many of the same chemical compounds, giving them similar aromatic profiles and therapeutic benefits. Pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil contains an exceptionally high concentration of citral, the common name given to a naturally occurring mixture of geranial and neral. These two monoterpene aldehydes are geometric isomers, which means that they contain the exact same number of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms and that their chemical structures are nearly identical. The only structural difference between geranial and neral is the arrangement of the aldehyde group around one of the double bonds. 

                    Our Favorite Uses:

                    • Diffuse Lemon Myrtle to enjoy its fresh citrus aroma or to invite feelings of relaxation.
                    • Add a few drops of Lemon Myrtle to your home cleaning products to enjoy its aromatic benefits and to protect against environmental threats.
                    • In vitro studies have reported citral to have antioxidant activity and also support natural cellular antioxidants and related enzymes. As a result, citral may promote normal function of healthy cells.
                    citrus bloom doterra

                    How to use the doTERRA Citrus Bloom?

                      Citrus Bloom welcomes spring into your home with its combination of bright citruses and fragrant florals. This blend includes Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia essential oils.

                      Our Favorite Uses:

                      • Diffuse in the morning to support a calm and optimistic start to your day.
                      • Put a few drops onto your wrists and neck as a perfume that simultaneously uplifts your mood.
                      • Add to your body lotion for a sweet smelling and soothing massage. 
                      • For an afternoon boost, rub one to two drops between your hands, cup your face, and inhale.

                      The Citrus Bloom Springtime blend carries the fresh scent of both citrus and floral oils carefully chosen to bring the familiar feeling and fragrance of spring.

                      Wild Orange is renowned for its ability to elevate and energize the mood. Like the other citrus oils, it is also cleansing and purifying.

                      Grapefruit is also known for its energizing and invigorating aroma. It’s frequently used in skin care for its purifying properties.

                      The aroma of Lavender is unmistakable and beloved. One of its most notable qualities is its calming and relaxing effects. It is soothing both to the mind and skin.

                      Roman Chamomile and Magnolia are both commonly found in perfumes. Both Roman Chamomile and Magnolia have calming effects and can help ease feelings of stress.

                      The citrus oils of Citrus Bloom provide it with its encouraging, refreshing qualities while the “Bloom” (floral) oils in Citrus Bloom help reduce feelings of anxiousness and tension. The blend simultaneously promotes feelings of tranquility and cheerfulness.

                      Meet Hele. Hele has worked as a farmer in Egypt for over 10 years. She works year round harvesting many crops, but her favorite season is Jasmine season. As part of doTERRA’s Source to You Initiative, many farmers like Hele help to bring you your favorite essential oils like Jasmine essential oil. Hele is also a mother.

                      In Egypt, many women like Hele work to empower themselves and their children. Each morning she leaves for work at 2:30 am to ensure she can complete her work for the day and be home in time to prepare her children for school. She is an inspiration to us all.

                      How to use the doTERRA Red Mandarin?

                        Citrus oils are uplifting, energizing, and cleansing; Red Mandarin is no exception. It promotes positive, cheerful feelings. You can take advantage of this benefit by diffusing, breathing it from your hands, or even applying to your skin. Red Mandarin also has calming properties on the nervous system when taken internally.*

                        Red Mandarin contains 65–75 percent limonene in its composition. Limonene is a chemical component found in high concentrations in most citrus oils—it accounts for citrus oils’ cleansing and uplifting effects. However, Red Mandarin and Green Mandarin’s compositions also includes gamma-Terpinene (y-terpinene), which is found in Tea Tree (Melaleuca) and other purifying oils. Red Mandarin is cleansing to the skin and air. It can be especially helpful in improving the appearance of oily skin.

                        Our Favorite Uses:

                        • Add 2–3 drops to your skin cleanser or toner for boosted clarifying properties. 
                        • For a cleansing spray, add a several drops each of Red Mandarin and Purify blend to a spray bottle of water. 
                        • Diffuse in the morning to purify the air while invigorating and brightening mood.
                        • Add a few drops to a cup of juice, tea, or water for digestive benefits.*
                        • Dilute one drop in 4 oz. of water. Considered the sweetest of the citrus fruits, its fruit is used in salads and desserts. You may enjoy adding a few drops to drinks, smoothies, and other recipes not just for the digestive benefits*, but also to add a different, sweet twist to your usual flavors.

                        Don't Have a Wholesale Account?

                        enrol with a doterra home essentials kit doterra Australia doterra New Zealand in September 2019

                        Enrol this month with a Home Essentials kit and you will get the wholesale membership for 12 months (which gives you 25% off any purchase for the rest of the year), 10 high-quality CPTG grade essential oils plus a petal diffuser, Lemon Myrtle, Citrus Bloom, Red Mandarin and exclusive welcome kit from Ora Leaders! Pay only ‎$330 AUD. SAVE $372!!!

                        *These products have not been approved by the FDA or TGA and are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Please seek advice of a trained health care professional where appropriate, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding. The limited information found on this website is for informational purposes only. You should never rely solely on the information found here and if you have any health condition or illness always seek out the advice of a trained professional.

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