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It’s really easy to order dōTERRA essential oils online. You have two different options for ordering: Wholesale or Retail. The most cost effective way to purchase your dōTERRA essential oils is by becoming a wholesale member. Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds! Being a member is like signing up for a loyalty card with your favorite store.

Benefits of a Wholesale Account:

  • You SAVE 25-55% on your purchases

  • NO monthly minimum order

  • Earn loyalty reward points redeemable for FREE products

  • Ability to receive the FREE product of the month

If you want to purchase your products via our retail store you can do it here. Simply CLICK HERE to BUY RETAIL.

The Cheapest Way to Buy Your dōTERRA Oils

Buying a Wholesale Starter Kit is the most popular and cheapest way to start using dōTERRA Essential Oils.

When you purchase a wholesale starter kit you get:

  • 25% – 55% discount on all future orders

  • A FREE 20 minute phone consultation with me or a member of my team

  • NO monthly minimum order

  • Access to essential oil educational resources and events so you can use your oils with confidence

Popular Enrolment Kits

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What’s the most popular enrolment kit?”. As with many things in life, the answer is not as clear-cut as we might like it to be. Here’s why … because it depends entirely on your needs. Saying that, 90% of people fall into the following four goals:

Live Naturally


dōTERRA Natural Solutions Kit


The NATURAL SOLUTIONS KIT is the go-to kit for the conscious family who are ready to live naturally. What makes this kit so popular is it’s comprehensive range of products. It includes dōTERRA’s 10 most popular single oils plus our most popular blends. You also receive an awesome diffuser for your oils, a 30 day supply of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements and the impressive range of On Guard products to help keep your home clean from dirt, toxins and nasty chemicals!


This is the right enrolment kit for you if you are committed to living naturally and removing harmful toxins and chemicals from your home.

General Health and Wellbeing


dōTERRA Home Collections Kit


The HOME ESSENTIALS KIT is our most popular basic home starter kit. You get 15ml bottles of the top 10 most popular single oils plus our Petal Diffuser to help send the aroma of your beautiful new oils throughout your home. The amazing oils you get in this enrolment kit are Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, dōTERRABreathe®, DigestZen®, dōTERRAOn Guard®, Deep Blue®

Emotional Support


dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit

The best selling enrolment kit for those looking to take advantage of the emotional benefits of essential oils is the EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSED KIT. This kit makes emotional aromatherapy easy and accessible for anyone dealing with common negative emotions.

This kit contains our world-class Petal Diffuser plus 6 emotional wellbeing essential oil blends. Each delicate blend contains pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten your changing moods. The complete range of dōTERRA’s beautiful emotional blends includes: dōTERRA Motivate®, dōTERRA Cheer®, dōTERRA Passion®, dōTERRA Forgive®, dōTERRA Console®, dōTERRA Peace®.


Start a dōTERRA Business


dōTERRA Diamond Business Leader Enrolment Kit

The DIAMOND BUSINESS LEADER ENROLMENT KIT is the kit most purchased by the savvy person, who is serious about building a dōTERRA business.

This is the superstar of kits containing every single product available! Not only do you get all the Oils, you also get every other oil infused product in the line including the hair and facial line of products, the Spa product line, the Wellness and Weight Management products and the laundry and cleanse products.

This is a great investment for your business and it ensures that you will not be caught without specific products for your Essential Oil business! You also get approx 50% off retail prices, making this the most cost-effective way to purchase doTERRA products!

Ready to Get Started

So now you know what are the most popular doTERRA enrolment kits you are probably wondering, “So how do I get started?”.
It’s really simple we simply need to get you set up with a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT so you can get started saving 25 – 55% off retail prices.

Simple Enrolment Instructions

  • Click here to be directed to the dōTERRA distributor enrolment page!

  • Next choose your ‘Language’ and ‘Country’

  • Choose “Wholesale Prices” and click ‘Continue’

  • Fill in your details

  • Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: Oraleaders 3683611

  • Choose your enrollment kit (don’t forget if you choose one of the recommend kits the membership fee is waived). If you don’t want to start with a kit, simply select the Introductory Welcome Pack & Fee.

  • All packages includes your own personalized free website, back office and no monthly fee)

  • ClickContinue’

  • Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive an email from dōTERRA head office with access to your dōTERRA Wholesale Membership. Within 24 hours you will also receive a Ora Leaders welcome email!

If you want help with the enrolment process, or need any other help feel free to contact us.

Making the decision to become a dōTERRA member will be one of the best decisions you will ever make, so make your choice today!

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