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Must Have Essential Oil Resources When You are New to dōTERRA Essential Oils

February 22, 2018

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So you have your essential oils & have no idea what to use for what? How to blend them together? How to login to order more? Don’t worry help is here!

Here is a simple guide through the essential oil resources that we love here at Ora Leaders.




Modern essentials book

Modern Essentials 8th Edition


Modern Essential Book ($USD25+) from Aroma Tools (USA)  Aroma Tools Australia

This is the go to reference guide for nearly all our team.  It is an easy to follow practical guide for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. This is now also an APP (see below). Personally, I love the feel of a book so I think it’s worthwhile having both.




The Essential Life Book ($28+) from Oil Life 

This is another great essential oil reference guide for either the novice & expert oil user. Fully updated with the latest research, it helps you quickly find the perfect oil or oil blend. Now, updated with the 2017 dōTERRA yōu convention oils, and 16 pages of essential oil education content. But does not contain the Yoga Collection.

Emotions & Essential Oils

Emotions & Essential Oils Book 5th Edition


Emotions and Essential Oils ($20+) from Aroma Tools.

Emotions & Essential Oils is a user-friendly guide for helping you take charge of your emotional health with the use of essential oils. This is a definite must have for anyone who is interested in working with our essential oils for mind, body and spirit. This easy to read book provides the innate emotional properties of common oils and blends, a reference chart and comprehensive index help you choose oils and blends for a wide variety of emotional states.



Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies  by Stephanie Fritz ($13+) from Amazon

This heartfelt reference book is the go to guide for many expectant and new mothers. Stephanie offers you her extensive experience and her deep wisdom to help you achieve wellness, throughout the childbearing years and beyond.


dōTERRA Living Magazine Spring 2016

dōTERRA Living Magazine Spring 2016


● dōTERRA Living Magazine

The doTERRA Living Magazine is a quarterly publication. Each edition comes out at the following times:

  • Fall Issue: Launches right after the USA doTERRA Convention which is normally during the second week of September.
  • Winter Issue: Launches around the third week of December.
  • Spring Issue: Launches around the second week of March.
  • Summer Issue: Launches around the second week of JuneThe digital copy is available to view and print for free under the “Our Advocates” tab and “Brochures” on All Wellness Advocates can also order a single copy, or a 10-pack of the Living Magazine through the shopping cart. It is also included as part of the Class in a Box.







This is the go to place for all product information and doTERRA company news. You can also log in to your account from here. 


Source To You

Source to You

You and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. doTERRA takes great pride in sourcing them to you. Cō-Impact Sourcing® is doTERRA’s supply chain initiative that seeks to create shared value throughout our global botanical network. At Source to You you can see exactly how your oil got into your home and view the quality testing reports on your individual oils. 


Aromatic Science

Aromatic Science

The definitive source on essential oil science. This webpage includes links to clinical studies on essential oils and essential oil education.


dōTERRA University

dōTERRA University 

One of our most used essential oil resources, you’ll find here everything you need to know to get you started with dōTERRA essential oils. Topics include What Is An Essential Oil? Essential Oil Safety, Product Education, The Science Behind Essential Oils. 


Essential Emotions

Essential Emotions

The Essential Emotions website  provides you how to videos, class notes, tear pads and instructions on how to share emotional wellness with essential oils. 



Aromaweb provides a comprehensive range of aromatherapy and essential oil Information.


Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe

Ora Leaders LOVE Dr Axe and his health and wellness website!, has over 15 million monthly visitors, where the main topics include nutrition, natural medicine, fitness, healthy recipes, home remedies and trending health news.

ShareSuccessShare Success

Everything you need to know about sharing and building in your dōTERRA business. Share Success exists to support Wellness Advocates to be great ambassadors for wellness and role models of entrepreneurial success. 




Your one-stop shop for your aromatherapy resources and equipment like sample bottles, carry cases, tear pads. There is a US and Australian based store for your convenience.





This cool site enables you to purchase dōTERRA compliant and generic essential oil photos and promotional content for your business.


Ora Leaders

Of course, our site! Get good reads about essential oils and their uses.




dōTERRA Everyday

dōTERRA everyday 

The Australian dōTERRA site that features business tools, event listings, news and other essential information.


AromaTools Australia

AromaTools Australia

Get all your aromatherapy resources and equipment here (Australian based).



Aussie Soap Supplies

Aussie Soap Supplies

Suppliers of soap making, skin and hair care and bath, body and spa products.


Aroma Bottles
Our top place to shop for glass sample bottles, roller bottles and spray bottles.




doterra everyday eu

dōTERRA Everyday Europe
Check in here regularly for all your local product news, promotions, events and general support. 


Ora_Leaders_Essential oils supplies UK


  • Essential Oils Supplies UK 
    Supplying an amazing array of aromatherapy tools and resources to support your safe usage of essential oils including bottles, books, materials and more!


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Modern Essentials app

Modern Essentials phone app

Learn how aromatherapy can benefit health and well-being – naturally! Get current, scientific guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils at your fingertips.

Download the app: Android | iOS

Click here for a youtube video walkthru.


Daily Drop App

Daily Drop app 

The Daily Drop essential oil App provides you with a fun and convenient way to get your essential oil education anytime, anywhere. Short videos and simple challenges are right at your fingertips whenever you have free time.

Download the app: Android | iOS


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